Creating a Fan Base

Creating a Fan Base?                                  July 1 2010

I think every person with a bit of Dash and Moxee should have fans. They are much better than the kind that money and celebrity bring.

 Maybe 20 years ago I gained some very young fans by attending an old Boeing Buddy’s retirement soirée.  They were in fact Dave’s grand twerps, (that is his name for them) a wild and woolly tribe to say the least. They were following Grandpa’s mood and were ready to party. So, I decked out as I was in a tight pair of white slacks and dancing shoes and a willing attitude got into action. First the mature girls, Ethel being the lead off gal, came out to dance and then the younger and finally the smallest wanted her turn as well. So not to be a spoil sport or seem the least picky in partners or leave any willing girl out of the frivolity I did a way down, git down, low down dance just the right height for a lady less than four feet tall. This was in the days when my knees would bend and be straightened out again.

Unfortunately as you have to expect, calamity struck! The heavily loaded back seam of the tight whites split! No time to Dilly-Dally, I left the floor and went and sat down because this was a family crowd and Old Roy was commando!  The littlest miss was at a loss as to why she had been left on the floor by that dancing fool and queries started as to what had happened. I asked my sweet Ethel if she could trek to the closest mall and obtain a new pair of britches for me.

 She laughed and turned me down flat! Still laughing and to my embarrassment she let the cat out of the bag just as quickly as the ass had gotten out of the pants! Could I ever trust her in a personal crisis again?

The situation demanded resolution! The  hall had many tables decked out for the party and one or two were unoccupied so I had to find my own solution to this problem of wild and woolly girls trying to get behind me so I took a white plastic table covering and wound it about myself  sarong fashion.

 Well hell! Everybody knew now what had happened so I went back to dancing but in a more reserved attitude and no shortage of girls of the wild and woolly type to dance with but Lord they just would not keep their hands to themselves.

All in all I did gain a number of real fans that remember the fun they had that evening! And probably most important I have discovered that Ethel is the right person to have on hand in any crisis!

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